Use Words When Necessary. But always, Smell Like Love (aka Jesus)

Good morning!

Many of you know that I went to Bethel Church in Redding, CA for their Healing Rooms. My jaw has been a 12 year problem. Having been through every specialist possible, I am still seeking.

I went knowing that it is God's time and plan for healing or for His provision to be enough for me. My expectancy wasn't in some "magic" that was there versus any other place God chooses to work. My only motivation was shear obedience. I realized He may heal me or He may heal me :) What I mean by that is that healing comes in different forms.

The morning my mom and I were to leave, I found myself crying so deeply, I was on my knees sobbing so hard at 4am and saying "I don't want to go." I didn't want to get my hopes up again. I didn't want to be disappointed. I didn't want to trust again that this was the answer and have it not happen. I know in my mind that all of this doesn't sound like faith, but sometimes you just can't get your feelings to go there. You just feel that rawness inside that doesn't want to try to be strong anymore.

I drove to pick up my mom but she was out walking the dog but Poppy Craig listened patiently and quietly to me as I cried about just what I said. I didn't expect that I'd share that with him, but I did. In response, he just hugged me....and said he understood.... and it was more than enough.

As we drove the 9 hour drive, I prayed silently that God would change my heart. I recalled that I am always more interested in seeking Him than an outcome. That is why I could see that no matter what happened, it didn't matter. The outcome is in His hands. I just choose to trust.

The prayer team of two that prayed for me asked that God would heal me so that I can do what He put in my heart to do. They prayed that the "bit" in my mouth (like a horse's bit) would be removed and thrown behind me. They reminded me that God loves me and wants the best for me.

Although I didn't feel an immediate change in my alignment of my jaw, the healing change that occurred after this trip showed me a different alignment inside of me.

As I walked and prayed a couple days after our return, I realized that God is making me into a pleasing aroma that doesn't require a voice. Imagine, if you will, that as you enter a room, people would sense God's love.

Remember that saying about being the voice of God and using words if necessary?

What if we just "smelled" like Jesus when we entered an atmosphere? What if words weren't even necessary? What if we gave off an odor of love as we entered into someone's space?

As He leads me beside His still and quiet waters, I'm learning that I want to smell like Jesus. I don't need to have words for that to happen. I can just carry Him with me. The only way that will happen, though, is if I keep coming after HIM and not an outcome.

I could hardly believe the depth of understanding I was getting and I said to the Lord "take me deeper still."

I walked right past a flower that was lying on the sidewalk. It hit me. Go back and get that flower and put it behind your ear. That was meant for you.

I picked up the flower and it smelled so sweet. I smiled knowing God did that just because.

For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. 2 Corinthians 2:15

All of our outcomes are in His mighty, strong, and everlasting hands. May we smell so sweet that our perfume of love has His signature all over it.

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