How I Got On Fire and Stay That Way!

Hello and welcome to my Blog! I'm so excited to get to know you!

Years ago, I decided to start my day every day devoted to time with just God. From that point on, my FIRE went into a full blaze!

You see, I grew up a Christian, loved fitness and health and always felt my fire when I helped people. I was a personal trainer, then became a Physician Assistant and found that whenever people wanted to make lifestyle changes, I got so excited! I'd skip lunch or go home late just to stay and help them get the tools they needed to get healthy! I'd get even more inspired when people started to drop medicines that they used to take! How exciting! And to feel good? Oh yes!

My belief is that we need a few ingredients:

*We need a "why"--what is our reason for wanting to get healthy?

*We need a plan

*We need accountability

*We need faith and hope. EVERYONE can start a program and lots of programs work....for a while....until we lose hope, until we forget why we started in a weak moment, without someone to remind us what we are trying to do and why and how!

We also have to stop letting excuses rule our lives! When we do, we start to feel empowered, happier and stronger in many ways. I will always say, though, that it will not last if we don't ask for our power to come from the one who has ALL power! Human willpower is fleeting, God power is everlasting! I draw from that and that is the only hope of lasting change, in my humble opinion!

Welcome to reaching High and starting a brand new Fire with me!


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