“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennie (On Fire Fit) for the past several months. Her groups focus on mind, body and spirit, all together working as one. Although Jennie is a faithful Christian, she encourages group members to use whatever spiritual practice is appropriate. Combining prayerful meditation in order to make better choices is the key to success. The program encourages you to examine the reasons you’re making the choices you make. We all know dieting doesn’t work. Unless you combine all 3 aspects of your life – spirit, mind and body - you won’t be able to integrate necessary changes into your life to move forward successfully. It's small victories on a daily basis that add up to positive results and real change! For me, the combination of being prayerful, mindful and forgiving has been the key to staying on track. Also, knowing there’s a group at my fingertips (literally, right on Facebook!) reminds me there are others in the same struggle who are having successes. I live in a different state, far from Jennie and the other group members, but I feel connected and surrounded with encouragement at all times. I’ve referred to this as a program. It’s really a lifestyle. Combining all aspects of your person is what it takes to become and remain successful and healthy in life. Making this connection and realizing the benefits of being prayerful, mindful and forgiving of one's self keeps you from dwelling on mistakes. This, in turn, allows you the freedom to choose healthy alternatives; these choices become habit. In the end, you feel the fullness of a happier way of life!”​  - Karen

“Ohh what faith can do! This challenge helped me lean more on God's understanding when things were not going as I had anticipated with such inner peace. Faith also helped me to strive more on focusing on others and how I can be used as a vessel. I enjoyed planning clean healthy meals and had an aha moment how much I was overeating on foods that did not nourish me. I felt and have been feeling auper great since I started this challenge and incorporating learning to help my family. I actually used to exercise more prior to this challenge and was not seeing much results or feeling as great as I do today. I've come to enjoy moderate exercise and frequently incorporate it into my 1:1 time with God. Both of those combined is life changing. I'm less tired, have more patient and simply feel good.”​  - Faith

“I have started regular bible and prayer and journal and devotional time in the am. This is due to you being a beautiful example of plugging into Jesus, getting to know more about Him each day, trusting Him, sharing your faith with others. I wanted that too. I just cannot tell you how many times I had felt hopeless and lonely and just not knowing what is next. But seriously each day that may have been a train to pity party, then your email shed the light on Gods truths and His enduring consistent love for us! I just want to say thank you again for being a beautiful example, for showing your friends and family, how to abide in Him thru our earthly struggles. Then to use those struggles as opportunity to be the hands of Jesus and giving Him praise thru all."  - Amy