Never too Late!!

These are 2 of my friends & On Fire Fam who will show you that it’s never too late & inspire the message👇🏻 How do we get action to follow what we know we need to do? Whatever area(s) we feel stuck or notice a pattern that isn’t healthy, we have within us the ability to take action and see change. Our family was returning from our daughter’s speech and debate tournament yesterday and we had listened to a message in the car from the book of James. Our daughter spoke of how when you want to build up a muscle at the gym, you have to lift weights which puts pressure on that muscle. So, too, when we want to do what we need to do, we have to push through resistance. It made me think of the people that gladly and excitedly go to the gym and grunt and holler while they lift those weights. They know it’s going to pay off in a muscle that pops and gets contoured and built up. They know that it will produce a result if they keep at it. Do we gladly and excitedly push through resistance? We may grunt and holler a lot but do we keep going back and pushing through? Do we believe it will make a difference if we keep at it? Therein lies the first step to action: BELIEVING that ACTION coupled with PERSISTENCE will make a difference. “We consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” James 5:11 Did you notice the word “finally” in that verse? It jumps out at me because sometimes we feel like we’ve persevered long enough. Our “finally” is in His perfect timing.... and just about then, we see the muscle.... we can see what perseverance has produced. It is no accident that the verse concludes with “The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” He is wrapping up all of our “stops” and “starts” and our repeated attempts at perseverance and still produces that muscle! We don’t have to rely on our own strength or being perfect and never falling off track. His compassion and mercy keeps pulling us back. We should gladly and excitedly run to the “gym” for more training, knowing it will produce the harvest through Him and His Power in us!! 

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