His Strength in my weakness

Good Morning!

I sometimes think about whether I should keep writing On Fire Faith messages. I have been writing some other things that I’ve been using in my On Fire groups and wonder if I should continue writing these messages. Somehow I’m still compelled to write them though, and I often think maybe it is just for me, and that is totally fine too. I’ll tell you why I say that at the end of this message….it isn’t to get sympathy! Haha! I just had to be real for a minute and explain my own human journey.

I know many of you can relate to this…..that overwhelming feeling that God is with you and present. You might have felt it in church or a conference or out in nature. I find myself getting frustrated at myself for wanting that feeling to continue all the time. Sometimes I even doubt that what I saw/felt/heard was real. I remember thinking when the miracle in Tennessee happened that I will never doubt again…..AND at the same time, I remember thinking, you will doubt, though, so remember this when you do!

As I was praying this morning and pouring out my heart about all of that and sometimes just so frustrated at being human with human emotions that are so flaky, I had this verse come to mind:

Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." John 20:29

We most definitely have enough proof and evidence that what we believe is real. We have more than enough to know that we aren’t just holding onto something foolish but that God has shown us in many ways that what we believe is real.

Blessed we are if we still choose to believe when we feel frustrated with ourselves. Blessed we are if we choose to trust even when we don’t get to see the evidence yet. Blessed we are when we don’t allow emotions to rule us but in the very middle of those emotions we say “I trust you, Lord.” He always comes through and always provides.

In some ways, I’ve come to accept that if I didn’t have flaky emotions and mood swings that I’d feel more independent and not need to turn to God as much. So, it always boils back down to this: when I am weak, He is strong. When I doubt, I choose to trust. When I am unsure of my path, I slow down even more and wait and listen. Filling life with more to do only distracts me from what He is telling me and guiding me toward. So, for me, these faith messages will continue as long as He keeps compelling me toward the computer J I will continue to trust and watch for His plan. I will continue to allow my weakness to be the very avenue for His strength to pour out and shine.

I pray the same for you! Oh, do I pray the same for you!


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