Cliff note Christian?

Are you a cliff note Christian?

I was talking to my dear friend via text last night and with all she has been through in the last few years, she was reflecting on the way she used to be compared to now.

She made the comment that she thought she was "Christian enough" before which made me laugh so hard out loud :) She said she used to be a cliff note Christian and again I almost fell off the bed laughing. I asked if I could use those quotes and she responded with "I would like to be used any way I can!"

Isn't it just incredible that for most of us it takes a lot of struggle to realize the depth of our need for our God? Oh how much we'd like to really "get it" without the struggle!!! How much easier life would be!!

As I told my friend, not everyone chooses to turn to God, though. Many turn to food, drugs, busy lives, other people, distraction, you-fill-in-the-blank! What happens when people turn to other things? What has happened when you've turned to other things? How has it worked out for ya?

Yeah, I'm not preaching.... I'm in the congregation, believe me! But, when we are in the pit and we choose to let God bring us out, now we have tapped into everlasting and mighty power... divine power. There is absolutely nothing that will ever surpass that power!

I once had someone say to me "I don't want to replace my addiction with a God addiction." Oh believe me, yes you do!!!! That is called staying attached to the vine!

"Apart from me you can do nothing" is what Jesus said. I take that literally!! John 15:5

If you are a cliff note Christian, take the steps forward, be they ever so tiny, to open your Bible and get the real thing... mighty ammunition for the battle you face. There is no way you can lose when you battle from your knees.

My challenge for you today is to open your Bible to Psalm 119:35-40 and take some notes on how to live. Report back to us :). Tomorrow I plan to show you how I sometimes journal or take notes from the Bible.

Let's not live a "Christian enough" life!! Let's take on the day, the week, our lives with Holy Power!


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