Stop listening to feelings

Good Morning!

As my small Bible study group has been going through a practice of reviewing our personal situations the way the world tells us to and then the way God tells us, I noticed something.

The main verse that encompasses On Fire Fit is

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself."

I've done a lot of reading on the difference between soul and spirit. Depending on the context, soul often refers to our will and emotions and our spirit is the way we connect with God.

When we are faced with troubles in life, we have a choice of how to look at the trouble. Our emotions (or soul, in this case) would like to send us up and down day after day following the whim of our feelings.

Since God sent us His Spirit to help us and is daily refining us to be more like His Son, one of the most important ways we can "love the Lord our God" is by giving Him our soul....our flaky feelings and emotional ups and downs...and choosing to trust in Him, believe His promises and live like we are His children!

That verse can become trite and not even really heard if we've read it too many times, but there is the most amazing feeling inside when we learn to love Him with all of us ... despite what we see in front of us, despite what the world would tell us and despite what our feelings tell us for this moment in time!

When I choose to trust Him even though my soul is trying to tell me otherwise, I'm showing Him I love Him. My spirit then connects to God in indescribable ways because I haven't let my soul (feelings) get in the way.

The straight definition of soul is "life" and the definition of spirit is "breath" or "wind"

I just want to love Him with all my emotions, feelings, life, breath and wind in me! Sometimes the circumstances of life are the only way we learn how to love Him more and seek Him and fulfill His purpose.

So, if you have flaky feelings today, turn them to God and just say "I'm choosing to trust you despite what I feel."

Then wait for God and watch for how He will work!


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