Good Morning!

We had spent a wonderful week on vacation and just prior to leaving I had been decluttering and cleaning parts of the house. When we returned, it felt so good to come back to a house that wasn’t messy and that had received some attention.

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on how different people manage their homes so they stay clean and it’s not such a big project when you finally get around to working on it. When there is so much mess or clutter, you can’t properly clean it and it takes longer to clean, and it feels overwhelming so then you end up not doing it!

I was thinking about that and how it applies to our day to day life of getting our thoughts and emotions on the right track. It applies to our faith and “head life” too!

In the beginning of learning how to rewire and renew my mind, it felt overwhelming. It felt like there were too many areas that needed to be cleaned up. I couldn’t just dust around all the clutter. I needed to start getting the clutter out of there! Maintenance is so much easier when you’ve done an overhaul first!

I was reading some verses this morning as part of my Bible study that apply well to this idea:

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

While all the clutter and mess of our lives was still there, Christ died for us. He didn’t wait for us to clear out some of our junk to step in and save us from the mess!

Because of His gift of sacrifice when we were feeling paralyzed by our mess, we have the power and ability to begin to declutter and clean. I have found both in the literal sense of cleaning my home and in the abstract sense of cleaning my “head”, that when you take the time to declutter, you maintain so much more efficiently! It is so much better when I clean a little a day, when I spend time with God every day. It is so much better when I heed the voice of God and do what He says and not put it off til tomorrow, much the same way as just putting away what you got out right then and not leaving it for another time!

Through His power within us, we can take those little daily steps that might be a lot of work in the beginning but will become so much easier as we continue in that new way of thinking and acting.

My friend, Pastor Jim, talks of people who have been healed through prayer and everyone sees them get up out of a wheelchair or a similar amazing story. Some of them end up going back to that position though because they haven’t maintained their new healing and the mindset that goes with it. Some people may feel they have also really accepted Christ and that they are a new creation but end up going back to the old life and it’s because they didn’t "declutter" their lives and maintain their new position!

So, through the power of God and His ability to change us, we need to renew and rewire our minds daily. Prayer; reading the Bible especially in the area that we need help with, and looking at things the way God says and not the way the world tries to tell us……these are some of the keys to that!


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