Fire is Catching!

Hello On Fire Friend! ​ When something keeps circling back and you find a recurring theme, do you pay attention and take notice?!

My cup runneth over with love and interest in what I do with On Fire Fit!

My hope is to try to explain more concisely what my goal is and how I am implementing it.

What I need from YOU will be at the end of this message.

My mission:

For people to be On Fire in Life! While I don't push my beliefs on anyone and I respect everyone for whatever place they are in life, I just want to connect and help people get On Fire in their health--which includes the mind, body and spirit!


  • Virtual Weekly or Monthly "Challenge Groups" that have a theme and a purpose. Learning, growing and getting stronger among other On Fire Friends. Your goal could be to learn how to eat better, stay inspired to exercise, or simply to find your mojo and be a part of our positive community. I do use God as my power-source, but I respect all and you don't have to believe what I believe! Our next one starts September 5! Free money is involved!

  • Booty Ballet Classes. Ballet-inspired fitness held 3 times a week at Tustin Dance Center. I'm praying that Subscription-based online classes will be a part of the near future! So, if you can't make it to my class, you can still get the workout! I'm also considering adding a Christian-music based class that would have a study & stretch time (similar to yoga in some ways).

  • Personal Success Coaching. Contact me for help in any area of health!

  • Cooking Classes. Based on the food plan I recommend, classes will be held Live as well as online. I am praying that Subscription-based online classes will be a part of the near future! A free class on Thursday, September 22 in Tustin CA is being offered! Reserve a spot!

  • On Fire Faith emails. This is what ignited the whole On Fire Frenzy! :) If you aren't already a part of this community of faith, please let me know!


  • To end the obesity crisis in America.

  • To end the cycle of depression and gloom that is so prevalent in the world today.

  • To create awareness and raise funds for my charity in India (God-powered education for the "untouchables" where poverty is being reversed slowly but surely)

  • To find a local charity, or create one, to empower our "untouchables" here in America

Your Part:

Your input on any of what I have mentioned!

  • To pray, if that is something that you do, for On Fire and all that I believe God wants to do.

  • To come along side of me. To be a part of our TRIBE (I just listened to a talk on the power of community. I do not want to be the leader but to work alongside of whoever feels called)

  • To join anything that I do!

  • To refer anyone that you think might benefit!

  • To consider donations toward my charity


This is what I am excited about! My hope is that anyone who wants to be involved in any of the things I have mentioned would be able to! Depending on what you need, we will make a way for you to be a part of this On Fire mission. If you want to coach people, be coached or be a part of any of this, please consider it and we will find a way! Thank you for enduring the long email. If you took the time to read this, I thank you so much for your time. I'm excited for all that God has planned.

Join the FIRE! It's catching!!!!


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