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Fear of the future is so common. When a huge problem is looming like finances or health or family members that we are desperately trying to help, the future is cloudy and uncertain. It can create an underlying anxiety that is always there. In the medical field, I often will have patients with odd symptoms that end up being the result of low grade hyperventilation. They are anxious and their breathing becomes perpetually and insidiously rapid which causes an imbalance inside.

The underlying fears we have can cause physical symptoms so it’s not “all in your head.”

I read the verse from Psalm 111:5 in the Aramaic English Version:

He gives food to his worshipers and he remembers his covenant to eternity.

Why did he say “food?…..to me, it is a basic need and one that God does not overlook. He provides for our necessities and He always will.

Who does He make this promise to? His worshipers. You can rest in the fact that this promise is for you.

How long will He remember? To eternity. He has not forgotten what you need and He never will.

Now, the word I wanted to end with is covenant. In our modern world, this word does not mean much to us. If you go back and look at the true depth of what covenant really means, then fear would naturally vaporize.

Covenant is so deep and so strong and God has made a covenant to always be with you to the very end of the age.

He is God and therefore perfect and cannot go back on His word/His covenant or else He would not be God!

You can trust that what He promised, He will uphold.

This does not remove pain or suffering, but it does reassure us that He will not leave us alone. He will be there in whatever comes our way. We can be sure of that


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