Fire Inside

What will happen next? What am I supposed to do next? Most of us go through life with that thought burning in our minds quite often. We might go through bouts of time where we know what we need to do and we are doing it and pushing through it, but we have that innate desire inside to know what to do next or to be able to foresee the future enough to feel peace for today. As I was reading in the book of Numbers today, I camped out in the chapter about the Lord going with the people guided by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. These were the visible evidence of the Lord moving with His people and guiding them. Sometimes I’m sure it would be so much easier if we could see things like that nowadays, however, I believe that God put His Spirit in us to act like that pillar of cloud and fire. There are times that we are not moving forward like we think we should but if we are paying attention, we are likely supposed to be doing something in that present moment. What would God have you do today in the place you are in right now? Before He moves you, have you used the present moment for what He has you here for? Of course, I love that fire is used throughout the Bible because of my name On Fire Fit. I got that visual with this story of the fire in your belly when you know God is stirring something in you. One of the best things that came out of all of my surgeries is that during the time that the pillar of cloud and fire was not moving forward for me (my time recovering), there was so much happening within me that may never have happened otherwise. His work in me during those moments that felt like a huge deterrent to “moving forward” for On Fire Fit in some ways was absolutely critical to the moving forward! Whatever place you are in right now, consider how God is using this time for your good and consider whether you are making use of this time He has provided. Are you staying “present” and looking to Him to guide you for this moment? He will not fail to lead you forward when it is time, but don’t miss what He is doing now. jennie

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