More than you dare ask!

Good Morning!

Answers to prayers have a way of just giving you some more umph and power, right?

I always think it’s interesting that we can feel on top of the world with an answered prayer but pretty soon we are back to doubt. Is it just human nature? Is it just that we are kinda lame? Haha That is sometimes how I feel because I want so much to hold onto the feeling when the answered prayer comes.

I think journaling has a big part in keeping those things fresh and reminds us when we are tempted to doubt. I listened to a pastor who said the one thing he wished he’d done sooner was to journal. He doesn’t do much, just a couple of sentences. He uses the type of journal tool that I use that only gives you space for a couple sentences about your day, but it lines up 5 years on each page so that when you get to July 28 of 2018, you can quickly see where you were and what you were thinking on July 28 of 2017.

One of the verses that blows my mind and sets off doubt is:

He will do superabundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

I have prayed recently for a few people who are now seeing the answers to those prayers. It may seem like such a long time that we pray for things, but then when we look back and see how God was working, it is the ah-ha moment that we couldn’t have seen ahead of time.

One thing that I have noticed with my life in answering personal prayers is how long it took me to submit to what God asked and how much this is a partnership with Him in learning how to moment-by-moment communicate with Him and rely on Him. As you may have heard many times, God is less interested in giving us what we think we need and more interested in getting our hearts in line with what He wants. THAT is how He grows us. THAT is how we end up living a life worth living. THAT is how we have peace and joy.

If I got what I asked for without being willing to let Him change me, then what would be the point? I would just carry on with my self-centered life until I thought I “needed” Him again. What kind of a relationship is that? We wouldn’t tolerate that from a friend or spouse, so why do we think it’s ok with the mighty King, our Father God?

So, hang your hope on all that He will do that is far above what we could imagine. Listen closely to what the Spirit is asking you to do today…..don’t let yourself get ahead in your mind to think it is too hard. He will give us just what we can handle for today and empower us to do what He asks.

Blessings! jennie

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