Train Track Dream

Good Morning!

In my dream last night I was driving my car and someone in the car was telling me that I would need to be driving on these railroad tracks that suddenly appeared and that I was going the opposite of traffic.

There were many tracks side by side and all types of cars and trains headed toward me but always an easy way to move my car between them and continue on. Just as it seemed more and more vehicles were headed my way and I wondered how much longer I’d be able to do this, suddenly it was wide open with no vehicles and no obstructions at all.

The interesting thing is that during all the oncoming traffic and uncertainty, I didn’t feel nervous. The voice in the car with me made it seem possible to handle this situation and that I’d be ok. Despite all the attention I had to pay to avoid getting hit by all those oncoming vehicles, there was always an opening that I could move my car through. I couldn’t see very far ahead because it’s as though I was heading up a gradual incline…. but I wasn’t afraid. As soon as it seemed the traffic was getting heavier coming toward me, that open flat path suddenly appeared and that’s when I smiled in my dream. I woke up.

As I spent time in devotions this morning, I was reading some New Testament verses that had references to Old Testament verses so I allowed myself to go off course and start reading wherever it led me. After a grand journey through all the things tied between New Testament and Old Testament (which I just love! The Bible is so rich!), I landed on the book of Joel:

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughter will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28

First of all, I want to stop and chuckle for a second. In my mind, when I read that verse I imagined that I’m the “young man” but realized that is where my heart is, but I think I’m the “old man” that dream dreams. Lol

In any case, this was a reference to Pentecost that would be coming many years later and the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit being poured out on us!

I prayed about what my dream meant and it seems that I am going the unlikely path but that my Heavenly Father is with me guiding me, which is why I’m not afraid. There will always be a path through the chaos and the distractions of the world. I just need Him there to guide me and to stay focused on just what is in front of me. I cannot see far enough ahead to be assured that there will still be a path, but somehow I’m not scared because my Father is with me. And, just at the moment that it seems it might be too much, the path will open wider and the peace of seeing the result of getting through that traffic will be amazing.

I quickly looked up railroad references and they all had to do with your track/path in life. Whether you are on the track, on the train, behind the train, etc all have slightly different interpretations but it seemed to fall in line with what I felt after praying.

Lately, my prayer is for many people that are in uncertain situations. They feel they have a lot coming at them. Still, God is there “in the car” with them guiding them. They feel perhaps they can’t take any more of this but God still provides the hope and the path for just this moment in time. If we could see the other side and how it turns out, oh then it would be a breeze! But, during this time, our strength in God grows, our confidence in how He leads increases and our joy will be all the more joyful when we get past this brief period of life.

And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

1 Peter 5:10


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