No victims! Victors!

Good Morning!

Mark and I worked this past Sunday at the military base for our job with high-risk teenagers who are being given a chance to get their lives on track. The success rate of the program is high because they are given a new mindset, discipline and a hope for a future. Doesn’t that sound like something we all need?

As I was talking to one of the Sergeants there, she said something that stuck with me.

She is a licensed psychologist and is volunteering at the base to help some of the kids who have depression. She is married to an 81 year old Sergeant who went back to school at age 60 to become a psychologist. He had been telling his wife that he never got a chance to be educated the way he would like. She told him, you don’t get to be a victim. Either you do something about it or you zip your lip. He went back to school.

Isn’t that the truth though? So many times we get into this victim mode that keeps us from moving. Victim mode is powerless. Victor mode is powerful.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

Romans 8:37

It really doesn’t matter what area we are dealing with in life. Take a good hard look at it and see if there is any part that we are acting like a victim and then quit it. Start acting like a victor. Yes, it might require some changes in lifestyle, but at least you are moving. It might require some work, but at least you are traveling and not stuck!

This could apply really well to some of my On Fire people who are working on diet changes or incorporating exercise. If you’re staying up late watching hour after hour of TV and then you’re too tired to get up in the morning to exercise, you might have to do the hard thing and turn off the TV earlier. If you say you’re too busy to eat healthy, but you’re running to fast food when you could grab a salad at the same place, you are acting like a victim not a victor.

Change the mindset you have and your life will start to change!

We have victory through Christ who gave us the freedom and ability to do all we need to do through Him who gives us strength!


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