Even in this uncertain time: Peace

Good Morning!

My friend Sheila underwent another surgery for removal of cancer. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over a year ago and went through surgery and then chemo. They found her blood tests to be low enough after all of that treatment that she and her family could breathe a bit with relief.

Just a couple of months ago, they found that the cancer appeared to be returning. Through all of her appointments and lab testing she stuck post-it notes inside of magazines, under chairs and on curtains in waiting rooms. The post-it notes have Bible verses on them and she just knew that at the right time someone would discover it and it would be just what God wanted that particular person to see and hear.

Ok, can I just say, wow what an amazing woman. I have had the honor and blessing to meet with her for a few weeks prior to surgery and pray with her. She has real emotions. Being under 40 with a 3 year old who goes to various types of therapy due to being a preemie, she is someone who has a full life that I think we’d all agree didn’t need this interruption.

The thing is, she doesn’t respond to it as an interruption. She responds as a child of God who knows that even in this, she can shine His light. She will not take credit for any of the good she is doing. I get it. People with humble hearts for God can’t. But, she is allowing God to use her. She is not whining about “why me.” She is saying “God, use me.”

Our pastor spoke of her in his sermon last week. You see, he was in the room at the hospital with Sheila and her husband prior to her being taken back for surgery. The nurse had been doing the things needed to prepare Sheila for surgery and at one point, Sheila said to the nurse “You have been caring for me all morning. My husband and I are Christians and I’d like to know what we could pray for YOU about.”

The nurse, obviously not hearing her clearly, said “I don’t know if the chapel is open at this time.” Sheila said again that her desire was to pray for the nurse. The nurse, according to my pastor, looked dumbfounded. She shook her head and said no one had ever asked her that before.

The sooner we see every single event in our lives as another opportunity for God to shine out, the sooner we can find peace in our moment. To be able to think of another during a most difficult time of life is most surely the peace that passes all understanding.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15


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