Are you trippin? :)

As I went for an early morning walk today, I had a good long listen to God speaking to me. Now, I don't know if you feel God speaks to you. I don't hear an audible voice, but I clearly hear from Him and there are so many things I learn and hear that are confirmed later. I've asked God why I get to hear from Him and He says, "because you believe like a child." He speaks to people in all different ways. I never knew I had this available to me until I spent intentional time with Him each morning and started asking Him all day in all ways to guide me.

I usually start with a prayer I learned from a little missionary book I read and it goes something like this:

"Father God, please let me hear from you. Please, by the blood of Jesus who already won the battle, remove my own thinking or those of Satan, and let me hear Your voice only." And then I listen. Sometimes it is short. Sometimes it is very extended. Today was very extended. I walked for an hour and I couldn't stop listening!

Two highlights are what I wanted to share.

One thing that I get very frequently is a visual that helps me to really grab ahold of the concept. Today, as I listened, He reminded me that the path that I will walk, that all of us walk while we are here on earth, will be filled with stumbling blocks. I am to look and see that when frustrations come along all day in all ways, to quickly see them as a brick or obstruction

in the path that I'm either going to trip on or I am going to step over. Recognizing these bricks in the path as being tossed there by the evil one will help me quickly gain perspective on what these frustrations really are: tripping and stumbling bricks or opportunities to ask God to help me to step over them and look around and see how I'm tripping less and less and that eventually I won't have to look down to avoid them but I will be catapulting over them more easily. Why? Because I have become acutely aware of what those stumbling blocks or tripping bricks really are--opportunities to see God helping me step over them or allowing human frailty to allow me to trip!

The other thing that I heard several times is that obedience is at the heart of Wisdom. I pray for Wisdom in many areas of life. Obedience is not a word very many people warm up to. It sounds restrictive. In this world of personal freedom and being politically correct, obedience is not an attractive concept. It is, however, at the root of gaining Wisdom. So, in big and little ways, I seek to lay down anything that divides me from God, anything that is not within His plan or purpose and to quickly adjust if I sense by God's Spirit that

I'm going off track. Wisdom is something we can never have enough of!

So, as you consider your day, your week, your life....consider how learning to leap over those stumbling blocks will take you so much farther and so much faster than you could ever imagine! It will only happen, though, if we lean on God and His Wisdom to guide us over those things that threaten to trip us! Be aware and then smile when you see that stumbling block in your path and say "I'm stepping over it today, by the strength of God"

Blessings to You


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