Walk This Way!

Oh how I love this verse! If you have ups and downs in this journey of getting healthier, believe me, God will not give up on you! I was talking to one of my peeps who said that it is easier to work towards getting healthier when she feels it is God who is asking her to do it. I think it is so amazing how we can do things for other people/God when we can't do it for ourselves. Remember, God called us to honor Him with our bodies. If you have made a decision to live a healthy life. DO NOT GIVE UP because God isn't going to give up on you. Just like with Jonah, He will use circumstances to rock our boat and send us though fish bellies only to put us back on the road we'd begun already and turned away from!

Maybe for you, it is not about being healthy, but there is some other part of your life--your attitude in a relationship, your work or whatever it is. The Spirit moves within us and stirs us and will continue to work in us! I love that He doesn't give up on us! I had prayed the last few days for confirmation on direction. I know God can use different people and situations to do His work and to answer our prayers. I love all the things that I do. I love spending more and more time in God's Word (that was not the case a few years back!), I love being a PA, I love spending time with my family, I love teaching Booty Ballet, and I love my On Fire business. Sometimes, though, I wonder what direction He wants me to go....am I spending too much time in one area....where could I cut back on something and what would make my life less busy? One answer came the other day when, because I work from home with my On Fire business and part of my PA work, I was able to be at home when my daughter needed me. I had the presence and the heightened awareness that God set my life in this way so that I can be with my kids and still do my passion. Then, I received feedback from one of my challengers who has lost 9 pounds in 12 days through eating healthy, whole foods! Again, God knew what I needed to hear and He gave me a strong sense of His direction and that my efforts are worthwhile and that where I am is exactly where I need to be! This is the beauty of living by the Spirit. He doesn't want us to just hear from Him and go off running and leave Him behind! He wants to be with us, tightly connected, every moment! Then we know if we are on track, we can sense His leading and we can sense His change of direction if He chooses to take us a different way! Have a wonderful Monday! jennie

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