Facials, Vegas & The Good News!

Good morning!

Whenever we go to Vegas for vacation, my sweet husband sets me up for a facial. I have come to connect with my aesthetician Kim and so he always requests her.

Although technically I probably should be quiet and just feel all the relaxing goos she is putting on, I always end up with these deep conversations and I wouldn't have it any other way! I always leave feeling rejuvenated.

She is not a believer and her husband is atheist, but she oftentimes asks about my faith, our family and about our marriage since she knows that Mark is always the one setting these appointments up for me.

It is so cool cuz this time as she told me how hard it is for her to try to read the Bible, I got to tell her about how the Bible is a Love Story of God pursuing each of us. From beginning to end we get to see how He wanted us with Him above all. He gave us free will because He wants true love, not forced love. But that also means that we will often choose things that are selfish and not in our best interests in the end. We live for temporary fun and forget the long-term effects. Still, He pursues us.

She told me about how she has been thinking about changing her life and working out of her house. One night she had a dream. In the dream she was given a Christmas tree but it was actually a ficus, but it looked like a Christmas tree because of the decorations. She loves Christmas and was so excited. As she approached the tree, she noticed that the trunk was dying. She thought "I bet I can save it." As she looked down, there was a price tag with the name of her current company as the heading. The price on it had been marked with red pen and it was on clearance. She really thought she was getting a sign that she needed to move in the new direction.

She talked to her husband who doesn't believe in any of the things that she is pursuing. It is hard for her because she will second guess herself. But, the next day, she was at work in her office and thought "I wonder if that was God." Suddenly a bright light flashed behind her. She looked all around. Her phone wasn't on, there was no source that could have caused that light.

As I listened to her, I kept hearing "That was Me."

When she got finished telling about this, I told her what I felt in my spirit. She knew it. She just needed to hear it from someone who didn't think she was crazy! :)

The reason I tell all of this is because so often I get caught up in daily life and I forget Jesus' words:

Go and make disciples of all nations..... (Matthew 28:19a)

The "GO" means "as you go"......we carry it with us.....the Good News! It comes with us to Vegas and even into a facial! It comes with us to work and it comes with us on the freeway as we give the peace sign to those who cut us off ....lol

Carry it with you and just marvel at all that God does. He is so good

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