Good morning!

I've started a different way of journaling in the morning and it has been so impactful.

As I read in Acts today, I was reflecting on how the early Christians prayed and went about life. I think sometimes we think it would be easier to go out and be a witness if we had been actually with Jesus, but those people were up against so much opposition that we have no idea what it was really like!

In Acts 4, we have a model of how they prayed.

1. They praised God

2. They told God their problem and asked for help.

At that point, they left it in God's hands to either solve the problem, remove it, or give them strength and courage to deal with it.

Sometimes I get so focused on how I think God should answer a prayer that I forget to let Him decide which way to answer it!

Whatever you are praying for, just know that God hears every word, sees every tear and also answers every prayer in the way that He knows is best. If we start off with the truth that God is always Good, then we can know that ultimately every answer He gives is good.

Lord, give us the eyes to see this and trust You above everything!

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