Hope in the Valley

Good morning!

I was a little surprised when I awoke again at 3:30am, long before I needed to get up. I was even more surprised when I sat to pray and read the Bible and I began to weep.

You know the difference between crying and weeping? They say that weeping is soundless tears. To me, it is deep sorrow.

I have never wept like that for people that are lost in this world and without the God of Hope, but that’s where all my tears came from. They just kept flowing.

Over the recent years, He has been lining up my desires to match His. What started off as a cry for rescue has turned into a cry that He would use me to help people find Him. I want zero credit or glory. If the spotlight isn’t on Him, then I’m leaving the stage!

I turned to Isaiah and in the 22nd chapter the”Valley of Vision” is the focus. This is where God revealed Himself.

The people had been warned but they chose to do their own thing and not ask for help.

The people ended up saying “let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die!” vs 15

They had given up hope, they were attacked on every side and instead of turning to God, they decided let’s just live for the moment because they had given up hope.

There are 2 common responses to hopelessness: despair & self-indulgence.

Because this life is not all there is, we cannot lose hope. We must trust God and all of His promises.

Although my heart grieves for those who are without hope, I can see through their outward manifestations that they are in despair or self indulgence and these are the clues to me that they need Jesus.

Lord, please ignite us to reach those who have lost hope. Let our tears water our souls to grow us to see what You would have us to do!

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