He shows up! Make an appointment!

Good morning!

A loud alarm went off in my head this morning. I jolted awake at 4am. My alarm had not gone off, but in my head, I heard the sound of the waves from my alarm clock (I don't use a beep but an ocean wave to wake me :) I didn't need to get up yet, but I was wide awake and even said "Oh, wow" out loud as I sat up fast and thought, "ok, Lord, what's up?"

Oh. My. Goodness.

So, interestingly, with all of that going on, you'd think I'd immediately start to hear from Him. Well, I didn't. I was saying, "Lord, You woke me up but I'm not hearing anything. What is up?"

I heard "Search for Me."

I went and flipped open my journal and my Bible and felt led to Psalm 145. Here is what I started to journal:

After this, I was led to every single Bible verse confirmation that I needed for all the different areas of my life that I've been praying for.

I literally asked God to lead me to the verse about how He confides in those who love Him. I couldn't remember where in the Old Testament that verse came from. I stuck my finger in the Bible and opened to: Psalm 25:14 The Lord confides in those who fear Him.

I was dumbfounded. I said, Lord, I'm gonna just keep going until You stop me cuz this is too good!

Over and over He led me to verses that answered every thought, prayer and need that had been lurking in my mind lately.

I even got led to a verse about that alarm clock in my head this morning: "He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught." Isaiah 50:4

Finally, 2 hours later and 7 pages of journaling, He said "you know we can continue this all day and all night. I'm always available and I'll take you where you need to go."

So, here I sit writing this message. And, I'm thinking about you and how this might be coming off to you. I would never want you to feel that you don't hear from God if you don't hear the way I do. I believe He speaks to each of us in different ways.

My only advice to you is to set time aside and anticipate. If you don't hear anything, then search for Him. Who is He? What does the Bible say about Him? Who does He say He is for you?

He will show up in different ways and at times that you don't always expect it. But, He is faithful forever and His Spirit desires to talk to your spirit!

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