Dread Be Gone!

Good Morning!

Yesterday as I headed off to work and was praying on my drive, I prayed that I would get to see God work in my day and that I’d be aware of what He is doing. I always pray that things will flow easily, that patients won’t get backed up and get irritated with me for not being on time and that I would use wisdom in their care. I also recognize that the times when things don’t flow perfectly are part of His way of growing me in some way and so I trust that even if it doesn’t go the way I had planned, that He can make good from it.

As I glanced over my schedule I could see that I had a morning of 99% Spanish speaking patients. This usually doubles my time because of the added element of an interpreter and the time it takes to line that person up over the phone. But, I kept praying that God would let it work out for the best.

Next up was a printer issue. Each patient needs a printed AVS (After Visit Summary) and the printer linked to my computer was broken for the past week. The nurse who tried to link a different printer said I’d need to run downstairs 2 flights of stairs after each patient to pick up the printed AVS. Ummmm not so much! If I didn’t have a tight schedule I’d be happy for the excuse to exercise (even in heels lol) but that was not going to be conducive to a proper flow of patient care.

So, during all this mess of trying to find a printer I kept thinking “God, this is NOT flowing at all” but immediately I said, “You can still make this work and I trust You.”

Well, wouldn’t you know that just the right amount of patients didn’t show up and despite using the language line for an interpreter, no patient had to wait past their appointment time. I had to run into another room and go through a long process of trying to print that AVS from another person’s computer, but somehow it all worked out.

How many times we get anxious about situations that haven’t even happened. In our minds, we make huge issues of things that might not ever happen. In the past, I’d lose a lot of sleep over potential scenarios. Now, I trust that God will help me even if those dreaded things happen. I am not perfect in this but I’ve gotten to recognize much more quickly when I’m headed in that anxious direction and redirect it and set my eyes on things above. It actually makes it exciting to see what God is going to do instead of dreading what I think is about to undo me!

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

Thank God for His promises!


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