Unlikely Outcome

Good Morning!

Some of the things I hang onto the most is hearing how God is working in people’s lives and paying attention to when He works in mine.

I’m sure there would be many that say its coincidence, but I would never take that glory away from God. He just makes it more and more clear to me and I kinda feel like it’s a slap in His face to chalk it up to luck or coincidence.

As I had mentioned before, I work several jobs but one of my jobs has cut my hours due to multiple factors. The only day in October that I was scheduled to work there was yesterday. After I had already received the work schedule, I received our son’s football game schedule. I really try not to miss anything that my kids perform in/play in. Even while in the hospital bed a couple years ago, I got to be “there” via FaceTime! I totally understand that that won’t always be the case, but I try and pray for it to work out and time and again, I’ve had miraculous things happen that allow me to get there just in the nick of time!

So, when I saw that I was scheduled to work in Baldwin Park on the day of Lucas’ first football game, I was so bummed! The one and only day that was a conflict! I prayed and got this immediate answer not to worry…..that I wouldn’t miss it. So, I went about trying to see how I could possibly not miss it.

1.I asked if they could change my day……No, that wasn’t possible

2.I looked at my schedule of patients and thought, well maybe no one will schedule themselves later in the afternoon and I can leave early……No, the first appointments to get filled were the ones at the end of the day

3.I thought maybe they would end up switching my schedule over to a different provider (which had happened the month before)…..as time went by, I could see that wouldn’t be happening

4.Then, I saw that the football team needed 3 drivers and only 2 had signed up for that game. Coach said they’d have to forfeit if they didn’t have 3 drivers……but they ended up with a 3rddriver

5.Then we had the heat wave on the day of the game and the recommendation was for people to avoid outdoor activity….but we got several emails saying the game was still on

So, there I was praying all through the month that I could make it somehow. I kept saying “I trust you, God” I started to feel so silly because I thought most people would not be making such a big deal out of something like this. I really really felt, though, that He was reassuring me that I wouldn’t miss it.

As time went by and it looked to me in my human eyes like there was no way I would make it there, I started to say with blind trust “I trust you, Lord!” I almost had it as a mantra. It became not an issue of me having to be at the game but me having to know that what God put on my heart was real and true. If I missed the game I’d be bummed but if I had misunderstood what God was telling me….that kinda bothered me more.

So, finally, yesterday afternoon, a few hours before the game was scheduled to happen, said “Lord, even if I misunderstood….I will not lose my trust. I will still believe. This is not about me but about You. So, do whatever is best.”

Within an hour, we got an email saying the other team had forfeited the game due to the heat. I sat there pretty dumbfounded.

Actually, for a moment, I felt bad that maybe my prayers about not missing the game made my son miss his chance to play. I said, man! This is not about me! He really wanted to play. But, I quickly felt that reassurance that God knew ahead of time that this would happen and that this heat was coming….that is why He had settled me with His peace a month ago! He already knew what would happen.

My reason for laying all of this out in such a long way is this: we can plan and plan and think and think but we just can’t see how God will work in ways that we didn’t even dream of. I never once considered weather as a factor in this and we can’t ever know how God is going to work in all kinds of incredible ways in our future. We just have to trust.

In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

While I am blown away that He gave me that word over a month ago and it actually came true….I also wonder whether all my thinking and trying to make it happen was really the right way to go. I was praying about each of those scenarios but as each didn’t happen, I thought ok, I can’t come up with something else. That’s the whole point. It’s not about me.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…. Ephesians 3:20

Another journal entry goes into my book on how God works. He is so faithful! He is working in your situation too! Have faith!


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