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Good Morning!

Before work I always pray for wisdom and that my schedule would be such that I can be effective. Last week my day was pretty hectic. While navigating the language line over the phone for a Spanish interpreter for my Spanish patient, I had to keep an eye on her toddler grandson who was putting her keys in the outlets!

I could feel my heart racing and I had many patients waiting for me and no nurse. As I could tell that my thoughts were becoming more scattered, I just kept asking for a little reprieve and it ended up that a colleague stepped in to take one of my waiting patients and the patients were very patient J

As I began to pray for yesterday’s day and the same type of work, I just knew that God gives us what we need for the day. I can ask for a calm day but if I don’t get it, there is a reason and I can still recognize good things in that day. But, I ended up with a calm day which meant that I could spend up to an hour with some patients who really needed a thorough understanding of how to get their diabetes under control. When I am in that position of going deep in helping people to know what to do, I feel like I’m doing exactly what God called me to do. It’s amazing!

One of the patients yesterday was the patient I had a few weeks ago that I had prayed with. He asked me since he knew I have faith, why God was not telling him why his life was going so bad. He does believe in God and shared some stories from the past about how it is undeniable because he actually heard the audible voice of God. But, he sees his life as bad and he doesn’t understand how God is angry at him.

I began to tell him that we each have a choice of how to look at our circumstances. He has grandchildren who adore him and want him to go to the park with him. That is a blessing. Despite the fact that he has pain in his back and leg, he is still here and able to do so much. He knew a bit of my story with my ruptured intestine and surgeries because I had briefly shared that with him the time before. I don’t normally share this sort of thing with patients, but it seemed appropriate for him. I said that the world would say I have a lot of bad luck or that God is mad at me. I just can’t see it that way! I see God as rescuing me and all the blessings and miracles that I’ve witnessed through it! I see the people He has put in my life and the depth of love He has for me.

Today, during Brain detox, Dr. Leaf used the verse from Proverbs 4:20-23

My son, pay attention to what I say;

turn your ear to my words.

Do not let them out of your sight,

keep them within your heart;

for they are life to those who find them

and health to one’s whole body.

Above all else, guard your heart,

for everything you do flows from it.

Guarding your heart and speaking life is what brings health to our bodies. If we choose to speak in “martyr” mentality or as if we don’t deserve all the bad things happening to us, we will only get more ill in our minds, our bodies and our spirits.

If we pay attention, repeat life-giving words, hold onto God’s promises, then we see how everything flows from that place. It’s our choice. We choose life or we choose death. God gave us that free will and He gives us wisdom freely when we need it, but we must guard our hearts and not allow all the toxic thinking to enter in.

I love how God’s Word flows into daily life and that no matter how many times I read it, it renews my mind. I pray the same for you!


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