Cereal-Bread-Pasta, Oh My!

One of my so-called weaknesses is cereal😍along with bread and a few other carbs-o-heaven😂 Yesterday's post with the pile of candy was a joke and is easy for me to resist .... cereal ....not so much😅

Last night I sat down and ate a few handfuls of cereal even though I know I don't digest it well. After many years of learning, I realize I'm not allergic to gluten, I just don't feel my best with it. So, a little is fine. A lot is not. What's my typical problem, then? A little turns into a lot! So, I revert back to my all-or-nothing mentality 😲 I run into A LOT of all-or-nothing peeps. So, my personal solution is this: if I really want it, I eat it and enjoy it but not while I'm distracted by work, tv, my phone or reading. I pay attention to how it tastes and then I don't allow myself to regret it.💪🏽

Does that sound weird? Maybe, but you realize you don't want as much and you don't beat yourself up and turn it into a negative spiral downward!

.... I got a message from one of my clients/friends who had been doing great with changing habits but chose yesterday to happily indulge in a Sonic burger. No regrets, plus she can't think of when she last had one or when she'll have one again! Now, THAT is what I define as success!!! .... I have never seen a person succeed for long while they're beating themselves up. Doesn't work and doesn't last. Add to that the emotional damage you've done to yourself. .... Brain detox is one of the things I've used to change my thinking. We will learn how starting May 1. Hope you'll join us!

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