Let Me Entertain You

Be careful what thoughts you entertain.

It just seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Yada yada. We’ve heard it many times. Our minds control our bodies. Our thoughts can change our lives.

But what does it even mean and how do you go about changing your thoughts and what difference will it make?

I like the way that sounds: be careful what thoughts you entertain. Entertain means to give attention or consideration to (an idea, suggestion, or feeling).

Let’s say you are trying to lose some weight. You’ve decided you need to eat whole foods and avoid fast food. All is fine Day 1. Your resolve is strong. You’ve put up a barricade and swear to yourself that you won’t even go there. Then Day 2 hits. As you are running around your busy day, the thought crosses your mind “fast food is the easiest and fastest choice right now and I’m hungry.” Your internal conversation with yourself begins. Next you are telling yourself, “but, wait! I really want to avoid fast food! I know it’s not good for me!” And so you flip back and forth with that devil on one shoulder telling you what you’ve fallen back on so many times. The angel is on the other shoulder trying to remind you of what you decided.

The longer we entertain that thought of giving in to the fast food, giving it attention and consideration, the harder it will be to resist. Oh, you might resist it today, but each time you give time and thought to that idea, the harder it will be.

For me, the hardest part of any decision is in the “making” of it. When I don’t know what to do, I feel in limbo and it drains me. Once I’ve decided, even if it’s hard, it relaxes me. I know what I need to do and then I do it.

Getting to the point where you don’t even play in the front yard with the wrong choice but you tell it to keep moving along, the easier it will be to stick with what you decided. Don’t open the front door and don’t invite the thought in. Dismiss it quickly!

I’ve used this tactic in many areas of my life. So many things start to creep into my attention and threaten to throw me off course. Whether it is checking my phone absent mindedly, pouring a glass of wine while I prepare dinner, deciding to put off til tomorrow anything that I know I should do today….and on and on. I will struggle with it for a while until I decide to “set my mind and keep it set.” As soon as the tempting thought pops up, I replace it with what I know I want to change and move on!

Entertain those good thoughts and keep your mind set!


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