Safe or Courageous?

Good Morning!

It dawned on me. Silly me. I have thought about something for a long time without even realizing it. I had talked with a friend a long time ago. I remember it well. It came before my intestine ruptured and the 3 surgeries. It was also before our house flooded and we lived in the hotel for 3 months. And, I’m pretty sure it was before my purse was stolen and I spent a few weeks trying to get all the things fixed with that.

Our conversation was along the topic of ….when people get closer to God, the “attacks” come more. I had heard this before. I knew that might be the case. We talked about how sometimes people back away from God because of this. I remember the eerie feeling. Was it a premonition? Was it the thought that I hoped I’d not want to back down from God if bad things started to happen?

The things that began to happen that I listed earlier could be seen as “attacks” for sure. They could also be seen as a “part of life.” Did God leave me during those times? Did I feel farther away from God during those times? No, on the contrary, I felt and still feel His provision and love. I feel His guiding and protection. I feel that BECAUSE of some of those things, I’ve grown more in love with Jesus.

Yesterday, as I was feeling some icky feelings (OH those fleeting feelings that bite you every time!), I thought maybe I should just back off a bit from On Fire. Maybe it would be “safer.” It came as a lightbulb moment that my plan for safety might be the most dangerous choice! Human minds cannot even imagine how God thinks. If I think my plan is safer, I could actually get myself into more hot water! God gives us wisdom and godly counsel is necessary, along with the Word of God. We are not to be foolish, but our ways are not His ways.

I realized that as long as I keep hearing God’s prodding and His confirmation to be bold and not to have a spirit of fear, then I am in His will and on His path. It is actually safer there. My way may appear to be safer, but do I want to get to heaven and see God and know that I chose my safe path and backed down from what He wanted me to do? No way. I would be ashamed of myself.

We were not promised a trouble-free life. As one speaker said, “Christians are always under attack.” I think to one degree or another that will always be the case.

Who’s plan will you choose? The one that appears safe or the one that God says is His way?

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


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