Shadows of Trust

Something I read the other day stuck with me. It was a different way of looking at a verse that I've read many times.

Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 63:7

Sometimes things feel dark. I've heard from some people that they feel "dry" in their spiritual life right now. It's interesting that I've heard that from 3-4 people lately. Sometimes things feel dark because of a situation you are facing or because not much of anything seems to be happening!

The author of the devotion that I read had suggested that the darkness might be the protecting wings of God the Father. Perhaps in that dry or dark place it is the underside of His wings that we are seeing. I love visuals. I go through periods of time where I get strong visuals of how God loves us. This idea that I'm under the protection of His wings is so comforting. He is shielding me, even when it might feel dark.

It doesn't say in the light of His wings. It says the shadow of His wings.

The more that I read God's Word and reflect back on how He has worked in my life, I can see His wings protecting, I can see His help. When things look dark, I can more easily say "I trust you, God" and mean it. I can be in the dark about what is happening or where my situation might be going, but I can trust anyway.

So, not having to wait for the answer and still feeling peace is quite incredible. Not understanding the reasons why or feeling in the dark sometimes does not mean we have to lose our faith. If we see ourselves on the underside of His wings, we can simply trust.

I pray that you have a marvelous week, noticing His protection and His help for you!


P.S. I am planning a virtual Bible Study using the devotional Set My Heart On Fire (30 days). My Marmaloo brought it to me at just the right time as I was searching for something that would take only 30 days or so. This is on the power of the Holy Spirit. If you want to join us, please reply. I plan to start in a week or so (depending on everyone getting the book in time)

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