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Good Morning!

I wanted to share something that has been a blessing to me. My Divine Dynamite group wrapped up our 6 week study of Armor of God and working towards letting go of some strongholds. I got several messages from people talking about weight loss, but the better benefit was the relationship that grew and is continuing to grow with God. Every time I think of our health, I think of overall--not numbers on a scale and not the size of a person. How is our mental health? How is our physical health? How are we emotionally? Oftentimes, strongholds of overeating or eating the wrong foods are emotionally driven. People tell me so often about how they are emotional eaters. The interesting thing is that we often think if we just find the right diet plan, then we will get healthy. Does that even make sense? You can have all the information you want, but if your head is not right, you won't stick with it. Feelings override willpower every single day of the week, unless you learn to live according to what God says. That starts with knowing and believing what He says about us! At the end of the Armor of God Bible study there are two pages that I'm including here that give verse after verse that display how God sees us....our identity in Christ. I started a little journal section of writing out the verses that coincide with the statement. Looking up those verses and writing them out helps to cement them into my brain. There is brain science that shows that the physical writing down of things helps them to drive deeper into us. If you struggle with any area of life, whether it is emotional eating, anger, a stronghold that seems to circle back when you are weak.....try a different approach.....instead of just gritting and bearing it or trying harder, try to start writing out what God says about you! He is the transformer of our hearts. He is the one who made us and knows how to help mold us into something we didn't know we even had in us!

Blessings to you!


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