3 Steps to Reaching Your Goal...the Right Way!

3 Steps to Reaching Your Goal

  • Raise your awareness: Pay attention to what you are doing—no matter what your goal is!

For example,

-If you want to lose weight, take photos of your food for the day & review it for an overall effect of how on track you are and what could be tweaked

-If you want to create more useful time and decrease mindless activity, track your time on social media or TV for a day (or week) or wherever you spend your downtime

  • Set Goals the Right Way: SMART goals

  1. Specific: what exactly do you want to do? Lose 10 pounds, get more active, write your business plan, spend more time with family?

  2. Measureable: when will you do this activity and for how long? For example, I will log my food for the next 21 days, I will walk 10 minutes on my lunch break for the next 30 days, I will spend 10 minutes researching my business plan each morning before work, I will set a date with my husband/children once a week and put it in my agenda/phone

  3. Attainable: something you can realistically do. Don’t say I will eat 1200 calories forever, I will go to the gym 7 days a week, I will spend an hour a day on my business plan, etc. when you know that is going to be extremely hard to maintain. Choose a plan you can actually achieve

  4. Relevant: what you choose to do should be very specific to what you are trying to do! Duh?! Maybe not.... For example, if you want to spend more time with your family but you are on your phone or computer while they are in the room, your plan is not relevant to your goal—your goal was to connect with them, not just be in the same room. Same goes for health goals, make sure what you choose is relevant to your goal. If you are trying to lower your blood sugar to avoid diabetes but your plan is to only lower calories to lose weight—you may not affect your blood sugar because your food choices don’t line up with your goal

  5. Time-bound: have an endpoint, a carrot at the end. Even if you have to make something up! Choose an event that you want to be able to wear something to, choose to walk a 5k in 6 months, have a fun purchase in mind but the goal needs to be met first...... have a point to reach, etc

  • Uncover What Motivates You

  1. What about weight loss is important to me? Or What about my family time is important to me? Or what about exercise is important to me?

  2. What obstacles are in my way? How might I remove them?

  3. What healthy changes could I realistically make this week?

  4. How ready am I to make the changes I want, and what could take me one step closer to seeing that they really happen?

Write these down in a journal, post your goal.Start with a baby step today and over time, those baby steps will take you farther than you ever imagined!

-Jennie, On Fire Fit

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