What IF

What if your biggest fears were never realized? What if the things that hold you back from doing what you were called to do are things that were created in your mind? What if you meet Me one day and I show you on grand display the Fire that you could have shared with the world, but you allowed fear to hold you back?

Now, what if your biggest fears are realized? Is there a chance that I could be with you then too, and have you see that those things are the biggest blessing that you never saw coming?

What if you decide that whatever happens in your life, I will be with you? What if you know in your heart that I will never leave you nor forsake you?

What if the very thing that feels like it is breaking you is the very thing that I am using to build you?

My child, the What Ifs in life kill many dreams. Please do not allow them to kill yours. You have a Fire that I built into you. Trust Me. Know that I Am God. Know that I work all things for good because you love Me. All who trust in Me will indeed fly like eagles.

The enemy works hard to kill dreams. One of his favorite tactics is called the What Ifs which is fear by a different name. Be aware. Recognize it when it comes. Fight it by the victory I have already won. Do not be deceived. Take All thoughts captive to Me, because I live in you. I live in the heart and mind and soul of all who accept me. I will not force and I will not pressure you. I will gently call you again and again and again. Because is that not what love is?

No matter what you choose, I will always love you. My desire is for each of my children to know Me. To talk to Me. To love Me. Spread the Fire.


Dear friends,

I am up early for work today and while doing the most basic of yoga (due to my belly hernias), I kept hearing a flow of what I just wrote. I do not claim to have more of a direct line to God than anyone else who chooses to listen. I just got this calming sense inside of these words. I hope you set aside your What Ifs and trust that no matter what happens, God our Father is with you. He will never leave you. The very things that you fear the most could be the things that return more blessings than you had imagined. The things that do not appear to be blessings, I pray that God will turn those to good for you and that you hold onto the hope of the glory of God.

Bless you this day and stay On Fire!


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