Divine Dynamite!

Good Morning!

Divine Dynamite struck me as the perfect combination of what I have found is needed to get through things my struggles.

Most of you know that I've had some health challenges. One of my lifelong loves is exercise, especially ballet. Due to multiple hernias in the incision site from my 2 long vertical incisions through my belly, I've had to stop teaching and doing ballet. I'm hoping I will be back to that soon....but first I need a surgeon to fix me up :)

During this time of less On Fire "fitness", I've been working in the area of mind and spirit. It became very clear that this is my original vision of On Fire "freedom" that came to me a few years ago.

I have to tell you that it is transforming. It is not because I just started to get "positive." That is part of it, of course. But I have laid aside so much just to be near God and be with Him. I have come to where I don't need to ask for things (although I do at times) but I just want to be WITH Him. It is a kind of freedom that you can't describe. It comes only because one chooses to put in the time. There are no shortcuts and there is no quick fix. But it comes and when it does, you don't know how you lived without it!

That is not to say I'm free and clear. It is to say that daily I renew my mind. I am more aware of what pulls me off track. I am more clear on what I need in order to stay in this freedom.

That is where YOU come in! I am so excited to share this with you.

Starting January 2, I plan to host a group called Divine Dynamite! It is my hope that we can start to blast through some strongholds! Do not worry about whether you've "tried that before" or whether you doubt it will help. Every time you make a decision to walk closer to God, He will refine and work on you. He loves you no matter what, but He wants to help you and He wants you to be in communication with Him more than anything else.

This group will have the basic groundwork of support and using God's Word. We will use the Armor of God Bible Study I've done in the past as the minimum requirement. Everything else you choose to do will be targeted at what needs to be blown up:) If you are struggling with weight or health issues, I will give you my idea of how to work on that area. If you are struggling with depression or fatigue or lack of motivation, I will tell you what I suggest.

If you would like to be a part of this group, I'm planning now, so please email me onfirefit@gmail.com

Are you ready for blowing up some strongholds? Let's do it, with the help of God!

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