Good from Bad

Good Morning!

I was reading through a part of a devotional called Breaking Free that didn't seem to apply to me. I am in the week of the study that deals with childhood victimization and it isn't a part of my story..... I mean we all have things from our childhood that have affected us to some degree, but my story is pretty benign.

It did strike me, though, as I went through this devotion how much the feelings of rejection from junior high and high school started to bring tears to my eyes again. I don't really think about that anymore, but I guess it does still affect me. It was good to bring it to God and ask Him to heal that part that I don't think I ever have done before.

But the main part that I got out of it was this:

How do I make peace with some of life's troubles?

Beth Moore summed it up very beautifully:

(I tweaked this a bit for my personal angle on it)

1. He knew that I would have to seek Him diligently for healing and in the healing I would come to know my Healer

2. He knew glory would come to His name through the miracle of restoration and subsequent ministry (how I will use it to help others)

3. He knew I'd be compassionate to other people through it

4. He wanted me to teach how to make freedom in Christ a reality in life from the passion of personal experience.

"God's good from life's bad is one of the most liberating concepts in the entire Word of God. We'll never be free until we truly believe that God can do something with anything. God has promised to bring good out of anything we encounter as long as we love Him and if we allow Him to use it for His purpose (Romans 8:28)"

I love that we can apply this to anything we've been through or might be going through or will go through in the future!

Again, I've said it before, when we reframe our thinking and let God do His work, we can be as victorious as Christ who lives within us!

4 for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith 1John 5:4

I pray that you would walk in that victory today!


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